We aim to work hand-in-hand to cover your needs from A to Z and help you achieve the results you desire.

Our highly qualified team of experts along with advanced laboratories and wide shipping network are at your disposal to design and develop the solutions you are looking for and deliver them to you in the best condition.

Innovative Fertilizers

Enriched with trace elements, our customizable NPK fertilizers match your plants’ needs at any stage. They are characterized by quick absorption and assimilation into the plant and can be used in fertigation systems or as foliar application for crops. Our group of products contains all types of micronutrient chelates (EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA, HBED, etc.), in addition to non-chelated elements. You can also choose to blend or mix a combination that fits your needs.

Optimizing plant performance to reach its full production potential, our bio-stimulants and special fertilizers provide solutions to abiotic stress, increase plants’ resistance to extreme weather conditions, and boost the plants’ natural immunity to pests and diseases.

New generation pesticides

We take pride in providing the most efficient solutions available in the market to ensure your crop's growth in the best possible conditions away from pests and diseases.

High-quality Hybrid Seeds

Naturally high producing, the vegetable varieties we carefully handpick from the best suppliers around the world are characterized with virus resistance, high drought tolerance, and enhanced features.

Worldwide Shipping

We have developed a vast network of distributors that allows us to reach growers all over the world. Our professional team is available to help customers with the required documents and our shipping services meet the highest standards to guarantee that your products always reach you in the best condition.

After-sales Support

From product training to site visits and field days, our advisors are always available to support our customers with direct assistance, recommendations, and advice on how to achieve optimum results from every product.